• Insulated warehouse 73 sq m

Mobile storage and work units for the modern world

We provide lightweight yet tough pre-manufactured buildings made from fibre reinforced plastic, which are easy to erect, movable and cost effective.

  • Provide a great solution
    Provide a great solution

    – Robust solid structure able to cope with all weather conditions
    – Turn-key project management available including all heating lighting and flooring
    – Hygienic and easy to clean

  • Control Conditions
    Control Conditions

    – Insulation is built into the design
    – Unit can be completely sealed from outside weather conditions
    – Internal temperature and humidity can be cost effectively maintained

  • Save Money
    Save Money

    –Low energy consumption rates with solar powered options available.
    – Low installation costs.
    – Leasing options available.

  • Save Time
    Save Time

    – Typical installation time less than hours
    – Minimal ground preparation required
    – Can be installed in most ground conditions

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How the construction works 19 April, 2016

In our animated video below can you see how the construction is build together.

New tool 16 March, 2016

Production for the MCS is now increasing by 2 tools in operation. The new RTM – tool MCS capacity to produce 2 modules /...